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Posted: Sun, 19 Aug 2012 09:10

It is now a week after the Olympics and stories have filled page after page in our national media. This week we have seen articles about the athletes (and their private lives in some) and the legacy. But the political pages have been full too of stories about school playing fields and the growth of self confidence in multi cultural Britain. There have been unexpected legacies from these Games.

Here are a few of the stories from today which have caught our eye.

In the NewStatesman Alan White has written an interesting piece to balance the debate about school playing fields -

Over at the Independent there is a positive story off the back of a WSFF poll showing the number of women inspired by the Games to participate in sport. - We will monitor this closely as we have already argued it is easy to say - but how many will actually take up their own challenge?

Over at the Telegraph the pressure on the Rugby World Cup to deliver has been highlighted by Paul Ackford

Also in the Telegraph is their launch of the Volunteer Awards. - of course we welcome all volunteer recognition but there are already plenty of awards which could do with their profile raising rather than reinventing the wheel. We will watch this one closely to see who they are working with. If they can rationalise and not duplicate this will be good.

A bit of politics over at the Observer. First private schools sports facilities and Moynihan basically backing Labour plans to make the private schools earn their charitable status and open up their schools. Important point here too - academies will be exempt from move by Cameron to make PE compulsory as they are exempt f course from national curriculum

And a further debate in the Observer about the Political debate around public service delivery and what it may mean for Labour

Again and finally for now in the Observer - a great piece about a confident multi-cultural Britain as a result of the Olympics?

I am sure you will have more - so please tweet the links to us at @sport_thinktank

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