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"A sports think tank would be a great legacy from the 2012 games, enabling future generations to benefit from long term, well researched, and evidence-based sports policy making in the UK" Seb Coe

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Tags: London 2012

Food for Thought: ‘No Compromise’- Where is the Value in Medals?

Posted: Wed, 09 Apr 2014 13:07

Food for Thought: ‘No Compromise’- Where is the Value in Medals?

UK Sport's decision to withdraw funding from six Olympic sports recently has caused a furore amongst commentators criticising the 'No Compromise' approach to achieving Olympic medal success. It is argued that UK Sport's policy is disproportionate and exacerbates inequality among sports at the top level that may take decades to overcome. For the critics, the stand-out sport among those left behind is basketball, an accessible sport with growing popularity (the biggest grassroots base of any Olympic team sport).. Read More »

Tags: Sport, London 2012, Olympics, 2012, UK Sport, Sport for development

UKSport No Compromise Under Fire Again?

Posted: Thu, 06 Feb 2014 15:52

UKSport No Compromise Under Fire Again?

As you can see from our news section UKSport have made their funding decision for the Rio Cycle as part of their No Compromise approach to elite funding.

There has been an understandable argument in the media over the last few days from those sports that hoped to retain or gain funding up to 2016. There is also a wider but less vocal sports world outside the Olympics who want to know why as a country we only value Gold medals.

In response to some of this criticism the following was quoted in MVP magazine about.. Read More »

Tags: Uksport, London 2012, No Compromise

Olympic Legacy Poll Revealing

Posted: Sat, 20 Oct 2012 10:05

Olympic Legacy Poll Revealing

We have become obsessed by the word 'Legacy' since the end of the Olympics and Paralympics. Here at the Think Tank we are aware of the wide range number of initiatives that make up our attempts to create that legacy and over the coming months we hope to showcase some of the best projects so that we can replicate them across the country.

However, the poll released today by the Sport & Recreation Alliance shows just how much work there is to do match the policy headlines with the experience on the ground.

I.. Read More »

Tags: London 2012, Legacy, Sportand Recreation Alliance

What next for British Sport Policy?

Posted: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 15:37

London 2012 has been spectacularly successful. Aside from Team GB's stunning medal-winning exploits, the Olympic naysayers have been confounded by the infectious enthusiasm of the crowds and the thousands of volunteers, the streamlined organisation of the Games and the tremendous dignity with which most competitors have greeted victory and defeat alike. As one newspaper editorial commented, the Olympics have produced an unprecedented, shared sense of 'national good feeling', celebrated in all corners of theUnited.. Read More »

Tags: London 2012, legacy, Olympics

Olympic Blog - Inspiration

Posted: Mon, 30 Jul 2012 08:04

The secrecy surrounding the lighting of the Olympic flame at the Opening Ceremony caused a great deal of media attention. So how wonderful it was to see 7 young potential future Olympians light it on behalf of the past stars. "Inspire a Generation" has been the selling point for these Olympics - right from the start when the bid was won in Singapore with a compelling story of inspiring children from across the globe to participate in sport.

So we are sold. Indeed I have resold the line a million times - the inspirational.. Read More »

Tags: London 2012, Inspiration

Time to Get Behind the Games? Lessons Later.

Posted: Fri, 27 Jul 2012 09:17

Time to Get Behind the Games? Lessons Later.

As the "Greatest show on Earth" begins in London tonight it is a time for the nation to get behind the 2012 Games. I am aware there still remains a rump of people who will never buy into the concept, commercialisation, cost, ethos, sport or something else about the games but the fact that we are at the start of this enormous event with relatively little pain should act as a moment of some pride for our nation.

I have been fortunate to be involved in the journey to today in a very small way – as have thousands.. Read More »

Tags: London 2012, Olympics

Olympic success – to what end?

Posted: Thu, 12 Jul 2012 10:57

Olympic success – to what end?

UK Sport announced their Olympic medal targets last week, with their stated ambition being to secure 48 medals, in at least 12 different sports. UK Sport's confidential 'tracker boards', the source of much pride, are showing high levels of green (a good thing!) which is leading some to question whether a top four finish in the medal table with 48 medals is ambitious enough given that Team GB came back from Beijing placed fourth in the medal table with 47 medals.

But the questions that need answering should be.. Read More »

Tags: Olympics, legacy, UK Sport, London 2012


Posted: Mon, 16 Apr 2012 10:17

Recent news stories* exposed how the true cost of hosting the Olympics is 2½ times (or more) higher than the oft quoted figure of £9.3 Billion, which itself is far higher than the original £2.4bn estimate. Not included in that figure is the full cost of staging the Olympic Torch Relay for which local council tax payers will be footing a sizeable chunk of the bill, in part, because of where they are forced to shop and, in part, due to bad planning which, in turn, is allowing LOCOG to generate.. Read More »

Tags: Olympic Torch Relay, London 2012, Council tax, LGA

The 'bank of Mum & Dad' & Govt. sports policy - Initiative trumping strategy?

Posted: Mon, 02 Apr 2012 10:47

Regular readers of my blog at cowanglobal.com will know that I frequently return to the topic of strategy for the development sport and the ineptitude of consecutive governments on the subject.

However, as with all aspects of life there are also a number of apparently non sporting government decisions which will have a significant effect on grass roots sport and its ability to grow – or even stand still. As any half-way competent strategist will tell you 'cause and effect' should always be considered as.. Read More »

Tags: London 2012, Legacy, Participation, VAT, Sport

Coaching for children beyond the 2012 legacy

Posted: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 14:38

Coaching for children beyond the 2012 legacy

Around the time when London won the 2012 Olympic games, we (Gary and Sharon Bassett) were also preparing to invest all we had in a grand celebration of sport. The Olympics remind the world of the importance of sport to us as individuals, as communities and as nations. Through a significant career change, we set out to remind those in our world of the most important people in sport – children.

Both of our earliest sporting memories, and some of our fondest, are from days at primary school. These set us on.. Read More »

Tags: A Star Sports, Coaching, Coach, London 2012, legacy

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