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"A sports think tank would be a great legacy from the 2012 games, enabling future generations to benefit from long term, well researched, and evidence-based sports policy making in the UK" Seb Coe

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Tags: PE

Enjoy Exercise, Feel Fit and Fight Flab

Posted: Mon, 15 Dec 2014 13:26

Enjoy Exercise, Feel Fit and Fight Flab

A year ago the Government was telling us that the annual cost of obesity was around £5bn. Specialists who had a better grip on the overall economic consequences of the issue were working to a figure of between £25 – £30bn. In November, however, the "true" figure of £47bn was published by the internationally respected consultancy, McKinsey Global Institute. It caught everyone on the hop. It was an alarm call and, crucially, government did not dispute the figures. In the run up to.. Read More »

Tags: Sport, school sport, Policy, PE

Troubling Times for School Sport?

Posted: Tue, 28 Oct 2014 11:01

Troubling Times for School Sport?

With the average Primary School in England receiving over £9000 per year as part of a £750million Government drive to increase the number of children participating in sport, it certainly seems that the London 2012 "legacy" is in place with a healthy future beckoning for our next generation.

However, behind the political headlines, issues persist in the sector:

Baroness Sue Campbell, chairman of the Youth Sport Trust and former head of UK Sport, recently criticized the delivery of PE lessons in UK state.. Read More »

Tags: Sport, London 2012, school sport, Policy, PE, gove

Swimming Against The Tide

Posted: Mon, 20 Oct 2014 13:49

Swimming Against The Tide

This joyous picture will be one of the enduring images of the 2014 Ryder Cup: the victorious team celebrating with their captain at the very moment that one of the analogies they had used, geese flying in formation, appeared overhead.

As Head of Sport for United Learning, a national group of independent schools and state academies, I am often asked what it is that I do. This image from the Ryder Cup is both a useful metaphor and a reminder of one of our greatest challenges.

In one sense, the schools and PE/sport.. Read More »

Tags: Sport, school sport, PE

Sport in Schools: Competition versus No Competition

Posted: Thu, 24 Apr 2014 15:51

Sport in Schools: Competition versus No Competition

The debate around competition in junior sport and physical education rears its head every now and again, the most recent exchange having started some weeks ago when Surrey Rugby removed score-keeping from matches for 6-11 year-olds.

It's good that schools, clubs, their teachers and coaches are heeding the responses of children and curbing competition in order to get and keep children involved. As we know from the MCC/Chance to Shine report, 64% of 8-16 years-olds questioned said they would be 'relieved' or 'not.. Read More »

Tags: school sport, PE

Street Games and Cebr report: The UK’s Inactivity Time Bomb

Posted: Tue, 01 Apr 2014 11:49

Street Games and Cebr report: The UK’s Inactivity Time Bomb

Counting the cost: This latest report summarizes the projected financial impact of inactivity and sedentary lifestyles, and the potential savings to be made by moving people into activity. This is not just about obesity, the research is there that points to benefits in academic attainment, social skills, mental health, employability and the reduction of crime and anti-social behaviour. As Dr. William Bird says in his foreword it's better to be overweight and active than a normal weight and inactive. This is.. Read More »

Tags: Sport, PE, sport england, school sport, Sport for Development, community sport, Olympic legacy

Not Enough Physical in Physical Education

Posted: Sat, 16 Feb 2013 10:24

Not Enough Physical in Physical Education

The long-awaited OFSTED report into school sport and PE was finally released this week. Given the speculation and conspiracy theories surrounding its delay and timing you would have been led to believe this was a nightmare bad news story waiting to be buried.

The Full report can be found here and this is what OFSTED said themselves:

Ofsted is publishing its Beyond 2012 – outstanding physical education for all report today. It makes recommendations for schools and the Department for Education to secure the.. Read More »

Tags: Ofsted, School Sport, Pe

Gove Attempts to Find School Sport solution?

Posted: Fri, 05 Oct 2012 09:04

This week Gove and the Education team have at least been seen to be talking to the 'sector' about their lack of coherence for school sport. As the Think Tank has found at the Party conferences so far the black hole that is Government policy on school sport is becoming a toxic issue which needs to be addressed to save the claim to any legacy plans.

The lack of a coherent school sport strategy has been highlighted as the missing link in the Government's legacy plans, and the meeting at the Department of Education.. Read More »

Tags: gove, school sport, PE

Playing Fields - The Story Behind the Headlines

Posted: Fri, 17 Aug 2012 11:23

We know that so much policy is decided in response to daily news headlines. So in the last few days the Olympic Legacy story has switched to School Playing Fields and now we await the response from politicians.

But we exist at the Sport Think Tank to get behind the headlines and to provide policy makers with access to the best evidence and facts before rushing onto the airwaves or creating the next headline. School Playing Field sales/disposals are full of myth and it's an issue in serious need of greater depth.. Read More »

Tags: school playing fields, gove, PE

Guardian Leader - School sports: Our children's sporting dreams betrayed

Posted: Sun, 08 Jul 2012 22:12

Today on the day that Andy Murray didn't quite live up to the nation's expectations the Guardian used its Leader Column to ask a deeper question about school sport policy. It is an issue deep in the heart for those of us at the Think Tank. When I was working in DCMS in the late 90s I was acutely aware that the department could only have a marginal impact on sport and physical activity if we still had really poor provision of PE & Sport in our state schools. I was there when the SSPs were promoted and developed... Read More »

Tags: The Guardian, PE, Schools sports, Policy

American Research Highlights Strict PE Laws Improve Children's Health

Posted: Sat, 19 May 2012 10:12

As we reflect on the first 'new' School Games and the continued loss and impact of School Sport Partnerships we hope to launch a major report here at the Sports Think Tank on schools Sport & PE. We want to investigate what was working and what wasn't in the previous system. Where are we now? What is it a school sport & PE system is trying to achieve and how would we produce a system to deliver that and how would we measure its success? Our major emphasis is trying to build a consensus so that in policy.. Read More »

Tags: PE, schools

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