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Sports Think Tank - Polling Day - What Happens Next?

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Polling Day - What Happens Next?

Posted: Tue, 06 Jun 2017 20:47 by Andy Reed

Polling Day - What Happens Next?

Election time is usually a good time for policy makers to find time to slow down and reflect on the delivery of the past election manifestos and pour over the Party plans for the next Parliament. Good civil servants will have plans in place for every eventuality on Friday morning.

We have already been a little critical of the party manifesto plans for sport and physical activity at the Think Tank. These have been some of the lightest set of party promises for sport for as long as we can remember. So, there is very little for us or the civil servants to be working on and to be holding the government to account - whoever that may be by the weekend.

So, we are left with speculating about the result and who the next Sports Minister may be.

Our colleagues at the Sport and Recreation Alliance have already posted a short and helpful blog which sums up what may happen over the coming days. One of our favourite election bloggers - Stephen Bush from the New Statesman explains in a little more detail what happens if the Parliament is hung and how we might get there on Thursday night - Stephen Bush New Statesman

Whilst we agree some of the Polling methods are showing a narrowing of the Tory lead to the point that talk of a hung parliament is no longer a fantasy our own models suggest that this remains only a slight possibility. We are planning for all possibilities but assuming the return of a Tory Government. We just don't know the size of the majority.

However, whilst a re-elected Tory government may well not see much change in policy direction the idea of a coalition led by Labour would probably see some major changes. There have already been some hints that Sporting Futures would be looked at again. We also think that even if the Tories win there is a possibility of a reshuffle and whilst many commentators see no reason for Tracey Crouch to be moved if it does happen we can equally expect a period of pause and reflection. Any new Sports Minister will want to put their mark on the department. It's important to understand that sharp changes in policy direction take place within governments not just with the change of a political party at election time.

But sports policy is not just delivered from DCMS. We will equally be looking out for changes in Education where Minister Ed Timson is felt to have grasped the PE & school sports portfolio and many would be sorry to see him move. Equally in health and other departments the changes could have profound impact on the direction of travel. Many of our readers will feel for good or bad depending on their recent experience!

We will know by Friday morning what the country has decided. We will be first with early thoughts on what this means for sport as soon as we can!

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