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As a not-for-profit think tank we work hard to keep ourselves independent of any interests. We do not receive any public grants and we exist through the generosity of our members and partners: those who share our vision to see a vibrant sport and physical activity sector that is fit for purpose and full of innovation.

We want an exciting vibrant and successful public policy environment, both here and abroad, and one that embraces technology and innovation and is demand lead.

The key to deepening the public policy debate is to ensure the sector works together to initiate relevant research and analyses the best evidence and data available. To help us provide the leadership required across all parts of the sector - from the professional and elite sport to grassroots and community sport and recreational activity - and to expand our ability to research and analyse key sports issues we need your support.

Your support helps us to create a unique blend of debate, research and influence to:

  • Enhance an independent non-political space to scan, explore and think about new ideas, technology and innovation and predict future trends.
  • Bring academic research into policy making in a way that is digestible and useful, as well as helping to shape meaningful and timely future research.
  • Bring the sector together to better influence central and local government priorities and policy making with a balance and evidence-based view.
  • Promote evidence based and innovative policy-making and best practice.
  • Disseminating relevant sport sector and policy information.

We know where we want to go but need your support to help us get there. The best way to do this is through being one of our increasing number of members: whether as an individual member or as an organisation or institution.

What are the benefits of Sports Think Tank membership?

  • Raise your profile as part of a wide network of sports policy-makers and thought leaders.
  • Support navigating the complex sport and physical activity and recreation landscape.
  • Regular briefings providing key insight inside Westminster and Whitehall, and from across the sector.
  • Opportunity to help shape our work programme.
  • And most importantly, knowing you are supporting independent thinking, research and challenge in the sport and physical activity sector.

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