LOCOG Needs Seats Solution

Posted: Sun, 29 Jul 2012 09:00

After witnessing rows of empty seats at Olympic Venues on day one of the event Sports Think Tank Director Andy Reed has urged LOCOG to work relentlessly to fill seats.

Andy Reed said "I know LOCOG have worked really hard to fill every seat in every venue. But clearly on the first day this wasn't happening. I was at the volleyball first session and there were about 20% of the seats empty. In normal circumstances I would have expected this for pool games, but there was such a public appetite for tickets the public will feel cheated they couldn't be there. We all know people who have tried every time through the public ballots to get seats and failed. To then see roes of empty seats is difficult to understand.

"We knew from previous games there were difficulties and LOCOG did try fill the stadia. But clearly something is wrong - and we need answers within hours so that we can rectify the problem. It may not be just sponsors - the 'Olympic Family' are also to blame. But the distribution of empty seats may mean it is even more complex.

"We are calling on LOCOG to find a smart ticketing solution to filling empty seats with genuine fans"

The BBC have produced a useful Q&A on why tickets may not be being used.


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