Commonwealth Games 2022: Birmingham only bidder for event

Posted: Thu, 05 Oct 2017 20:28

Commonwealth Games 2022: Birmingham only bidder for event

Analysis by BBC Sport editor Dan Roan

Birmingham is now almost certain to be hosting its first global sports event. The Commonwealth Games Federation will go through the motions and assess the finer details, but it is unthinkable that it would reject the only city to actually submit a bid, especially with government backing. Even though the rejection of original choice Durban has meant a fast-tracked process, the absence of any rivals is another reminder of the difficulty global sport bodies now face in attracting host cities, and mounting concern over the costs of such events, along with doubts over legacy.

Despite the bitter bin dispute continuing to hang over the Birmingham area, and the need for further budget cuts, local authorities will need to raise 25% of the overall cost of staging the Games. Organisers insist essential services will not be affected, and that the event will prove great value for the West Midlands, showcasing a diverse and youthful community, and leaving a sporting and economic legacy. Others will worry that taxes will rise as a result.

But after London 2012, Glasgow 2014, and recent world championships in rugby, women's cricket and athletics, Britain is now set to organise yet another major sports event. A reminder of the importance the government now places on hosting sport as a platform for trade and tourism as the country prepares for Brexit.Story from BBC Sport:

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