The Sports Think Tank offers an independent forum to explore, research and debate the key issues in the sport, physical activity and recreation sector. We can help you get a unique perspective on the areas of interest you have including that of academics, sector leaders, consumers and policy makers.

We do this by:

  • Communicating important sector news, research and events, and relevant government and parliamentary activity.
  • Updating our Library of sector research, reports, policy documents and strategies.
  • Publishing regular Blogs offering different viewpoints and opinions and highlighting new research.
  • Hosting Roundtables to explore and debate key sector issues with a range of stakeholders including those from: sport, physical activity and recreation sector (national governing bodies, leagues, third sector organisations and other professionals involved in supporting the sector); academics or experts; policy makers (ministers, parliamentarians, councillors, civil servants, special advisors) and other thought leaders or research groups; corporations, sponsors and right holders; broadcasters and journalists.
  • Publishing short Insight or Discussion Papers on a range of single issues.
  • Undertaking Research Reports on key issues within the sector.

We also have other ideas we are developing and we are always open to new ways to get across our messages and deepen thinking in the sector. Please do let us know your thoughts or approaches.