The Sports Think Tank offers an independent forum to explore and debate the key issues in the sport, physical activity and recreation sector. We can help you get a unique perspective on the areas of interest you have including that of academics, consumers and policy makers.

We offer a range of products including:

  • Delivering Sponsored Roundtables to explore and debate key sector issues with a range of stakeholders including those from: (a) the sports sector, (b) academics or experts, (c) policy makers - central and local, (d) sponsors/right holders, (e) broadcasters and (f) third part organisations/interested players.
  • Publishing 'Point of View' pamphlets on a range of single issues.
  • Researching and drafting commissioned Reports on key issues within the sector.
  • Creating Networking Events with key players in the sports sector and decision makers.
  • Our Annual Dennis Howell Lecture & networking
  • Breakfast and Lunch Network events and Topical 'debates'
  • Our Blog series
  • Sports Innovation Hub - for you to showcase your work

Please connect with us on Twitter @sport_thinktank or email for more information.