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"A sports think tank would be a great legacy from the 2012 games, enabling future generations to benefit from long term, well researched, and evidence-based sports policy making in the UK" Seb Coe

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Reclaiming sport for the common good

In this report, the Sports Think Tank, in partnership with Theos Think Tank, explore the role of sport in society. It suggests that sport is no longer just a matter of leisure, entertainment or of spectacular international tournaments. We have come to expect it to make us better people, to contribute to world peace, to develop our economies and make us healthy. Clearly, sport can do these things, but the report argues that firstly we need to be clear that sport has now often been reduced to being a tool rather than something with intrinsic worth; and secondly that in using the tool of sport, specific agendas are over-promised and under-delivered due to the very nature of sport itself.

Please also see attached results from a ComRes poll comissioned by Theos and the Sports Think Tank in June 2012 on how sport is currently perceived by the public.

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Building a Participation Legacy from the London
2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in
Disadvantaged Areas

The Building a Participation Legacy from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Disadvantaged Areas project aimed to:

 develop a sustainable sporting
legacy via an enhanced sports
capacity in local communities;

 encourage positive behaviour change amongst participants;

 increase sport and physical activity levels

The Brunel research focused on learning what factors contributed to building the StreetGames participation legacy.

The Executive Summary provides an overview of key findings that constitute the defining
characteristics of the StreetGames Legacy projects. This is followed by a summary of key
learning about 'what works' in planning and delivering legacy projects. The report then
provides a brief background to the project with the research outcomes designed by
StreetGames. The methods and an overview of the case studies follow this section. The
findings are then presented in relation to how they address each of the research outcomes.
The Appendix of the report includes the Review of Literature, the Report on the Survey
Data, and the Good Practice Guide. This report is accompanied by the Legacy Evaluation
Framework and information for the following How to Guides: Reaching and Engaging Young
People; Right Place, Right Time; Coaching; and, Volunteering.

Olympic Legacy Report July 2013

Obesity and the environment

Health, Social care and Lifestyles