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Sports Think Tank - Sports Organisations' Manifestos

"A sports think tank would be a great legacy from the 2012 games, enabling future generations to benefit from long term, well researched, and evidence-based sports policy making in the UK" Seb Coe

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Sports Organisations' Manifestos

Lobbying government and the element of persuasion are an integral part to the build up for the election. It is no different for the sports sector.

We have tracked various lobbying documents over the past couple months. We have briefly outlined each of their respective asks but there are also links to the full manifestos.

Association for Physical Education

"Physical Education Declaration"

Launched: Thursday 19th March 2015

Key asks:

  1. Health and emotional well-being of all young people are improved
  2. Education is an entitlement and therefore the impact of physical education across the curriculum should be valued and recognised.
  3. Leadership by all head teachers, governors, subject leaders and heads of departments promotes and celebrates the value of physical education, physical activity and school sport
  4. Physical education is 'Powerful Education' and that you support and recognise the impact It has on a whole school development, making a real difference to the lives of young people and preparing them for an ever changing world.

Association for Colleges

'Fit for Work, Fit for Life: A Blueprint for Sport and Physical Activity in Colleges'

Launched: 27 January 2015

Key asks:

  1. Sport and Physical Activity: Ensure all young people, in all settings, have equal access to sport, physical activity and competition.
  2. Active Education and Training: Embed physical activity within education and training provision for all young people, creating healthy habits for life.
  3. Fit for Work: Support students to move into high quality careers in sport and leisure, become fit for other vocations and develop transferable skills.

Dance UK

"Dance: A Great British Success Story"

Launched: 23rd February 2015

Key asks:

  1. Education: Ensure dance is an integral part of every young person's education with the same status as music, maths and English.
  2. Health & Wellbeing: Recognise and act to harness the proven health and wellbeing benefits of dance to communities.
  3. Brand UK: Champion dance as a great UK art form – we are home to world class dancers, choreographers, dance companies and theatres

English Federation of Disability Sport

"Charter for Change"

Launched: Tuesday 24th February 2015

Key asks:

  1. Everyone involved in providing sport or physical activity will support disabled people to participate.
  2. Disabled people will have the same opportunity as non-disabled people to be active throughout their lives.
  3. All communications about sport and physical activity will promote positive public attitudes towards disabled people's participation.

The document also includes 10 principles to support providers to deliver more appealing opportunities for disabled people.

Sport + Recreation Alliance

"Ministers' To-Do List"

Launched: 19th February 2015

Key asks:

  1. Support sport and recreation from the grassroots up, through a fair and sustainable CASC system, the creation of a sports betting right and automatic rate relief for clubs
  2. Increased investment in Initial Teacher Training for primary school teachers to ensure high quality PE, sport and physical activity from the start of the educational journey
  3. Every local authority to produce a robust and comprehensive strategy for physical activity opportunities in response to local needs
  4. Keep the UK the home of world-class sport through major events legislation and dedicated resources to protect sporting integrity
  5. A dedicated Minister for the Outdoors to deliver a coordinated strategy to maximise the full potential of the natural environment

Supporters Direct

"Manifesto to Reform Football in England and Wales"

Launched: Monday 3rd March 2015

Key asks:

  1. Address the issue of reform of the FA to alter the balance of power in the game, and ensure that it can take the lead, as an independent regulator, in decision making for issues of major significance for football.
  2. Implement an effective licensing system for football clubs which enshrines the rights of supporters.
  3. Support the work of the Expert Working Group on Supporter Ownership and Engagement, which will produce an interim report in March 2015.
  4. Implement the SD proposal for Community Owned Sports Clubs (COSCs).
  5. Implement a tighter and more effective Owners and Directors Test and empower the FA to police it adequately.
  6. Ensure that football makes public the name(s) of the ultimate individuals who own and control our clubs.
  7. Ensure that every professional football club has in place a formal structured plan for meaningful engagement and consultation with supporters groups.
  8. Give supporters the opportunity to bid to take control of their club if there is a change of ownership.
  9. Remove barriers to supporter ownership and facilitate the introduction of independent and/or supporter directors on club boards.
  10. Develop a Code of Governance for football clubs at least as robust as that operating in the wider business community.

Youth Sport Trust

"Unlocking Potential: A Manifesto for PE and School Sport"

Launched: January 2015

Key asks:

  1. Education: More time for higher quality PE: to ensure all children are physically literate and can move competently and confidently.
  2. HaHeHealth: Physical activity opportunities embedded into every school day: to ensure every child has the opportunity to live a healthy, active lifestyle.
  3. Sport: Sustain competitive sport in schools: to ensure sport remains at the heart of a young person's life.

Phil Chamberlain, Director of Policy and Communications at the Youth Sport Trust wrote a blog for the Sports Think Tank on 'Unlocking Potential. You can read it here


The ASA Manifesto for aquatics

The ASA main aims:

  • Ensure all children can swim 25m by KS2
  • Ensure all local authorities maintain the provision for swimming pools
  • Ensure the smaller aquatic sports like water polo and synchro maintain funding
  • Continued support for the ASA leading the sector
  • Equity for all in swimming
  • Ensure health benefits of swimming understood and fully utlilised

British Cycling


#ChooseCycling were first out of the blocks with their 'manifesto' and whilst not everything is 'sport' related we support this cross sector approach.

They ask for

The ten point plan

1.Cycle-proofing: accommodate cycling in everything we do

2. Meaningful and consistent levels of investment

3. Consistent political leadership for cycling

4. Improving the justice system to protect and support vulnerable road users

5. Adding cycling safety to the driving test

6. Strengthening cycling safety provisions in the Highway Code

7. Road and cycle safety awareness

8. Reducing the risk to people on bikes from HGVs

9. Cycle training made available for all children

10. Reducing speed limits saves lives of all road users