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"A sports think tank would be a great legacy from the 2012 games, enabling future generations to benefit from long term, well researched, and evidence-based sports policy making in the UK" Seb Coe

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Website Polls

Each week we invite a guest blogger to share an insight on sporting matters, from pioneering examples of innovation, to commentary on the most pressing issues facing sports policy.

Users of the website have the opportunity to vote in a poll based on the blog post. We have listed the results from various polls below.

Childhood activity levels

Who or what is most responsible for the discrepancy between girls’ and boys’ activity levels?

(Poll closed 19/4/15)

  • The teachers [0%]
  • The curriculum [50%]
  • The parents [50%]

Obesity, sport and physical activity

The UK has no effective, overall strategy for combating obesity

(Poll closed 12/4/15)

  • Agree [75%]
  • Disagree [16.7%]
  • Not sure [8.3%]

Local Authority Cuts and Grassroots Football

While further funding cuts will continue to be hard on grassroots and local provision, financial constraints will ultimately help community sport to be more innovative and more efficient

(Poll closed 5/4/15)

  • Agree [28.6%]
  • Disagree [71.4%]
  • Not sure [0%]

Election Messages for Community Sport

Which fundamental principle of community sport should the sport sector emphasise in its messaging in the run-up to the general election in order to improve participation?

(Poll closed 29/3/15)

  • Access [0%]
  • Equity [33%]
  • Opportunity [50%]
  • Sustainability [16.7%]

The Rise of Budget Gyms

Affordable fitness will have a crucial positive impact on physical activity and fitness levels of first-time exercisers

(Poll closed 22/3/15)

  • Agree [40%]
  • Disagree [60%]
  • Don't know [0%]

Youth Sports Trust Recommendations

Which YST recommendation is most critical to ensuring every young person has access to high quality physical education and sport opportunities in school?

(Poll closed 15/3/15)

  • Programmes to engage the least active in school [33%]
  • Ensuring every school has a head of PE or equivalent [46.7%]
  • A mandatory children's coaching qualification [0%]
  • Including children's physical activity indicators in the Public Health Outcomes Framework [20%]
  • None of the above [0%]

Sports Betting

Is there a moral obligation for sports betting companies to make a contribution to grassroots sport?

(Poll closed 8/3/15)

  • Yes [42.9%]
  • No [42.9%]
  • Not sure [14.3%]

Disability Sport

As an organisation in the sport sector, do you actively consider disabled people in your market research, policy development, sport programmes and thinking?

(Poll closed 1/3/15)

  • Yes [45.5%]
  • No [9.1%]
  • Sometimes [9.1%]
  • Not enough [36.6%]

Data Collection in Sport

Should comprehensive fitness testing be introduced in schools as standard in order to measure the effectiveness of sport and PE on health?

(Poll closed 23/2/15)

  • Yes [50%]
  • No [50%]

The Green Party Sports Manifesto

Based on their sports policy, would you like to see the Green Party in a coalition government after the election?

(Poll closed 16/2/15)

  • Yes [50%]
  • No [50%]

The Child's Physical Activity Experience

Should less able, overweight or obese children receive special attention and teaching as those who have special educational need in mainstream subjects do?

(Poll closed 9/2/15)

  • Yes [25%]
  • No [50%]
  • Not Sure [25%]

Violence and abuse in sport

Preventing abuse and non-accidental injury to athletes should PRIMARILY be achieved through:

(Poll closed 30/1/15)

  • Better governance in sport [16.7%]
  • Better Athlete Education [0%]
  • Better Coach Education [83.3%]
  • Reducing emphasis on 'winning at all costs' [0%]

Equality and Diversity in Football Coaching

Should The FA Adopt the 'Rooney Rule' to address the under-representation of black and ethnic minority coaches in professional football?

(Poll closed 19/1/15)

  • Yes [42.9%]
  • No [42.9%]
  • Not sure [14.3%]

Unity in the sport and physical activity industry

A joint approach from the sport and physical activity industry...

(Poll closed 9/1/15)

  • Must be driven 'vertically', with better cooperation between policy-makers and organisations on the front line [16.7%]
  • Should primarily come 'horizontally' by bringing together organisations from different parts of the sector [50%]
  • Will never happen, it's too fragmented with too many different voices [33%]
  • Not sure [0%]

Sport and Physical Activity

Should Sport and Physical Activity be a 4th Core Subject at School?

(Poll closed 20/12/14)

  • Yes [80%]
  • No [20%]

County Sports Partnerships

County Sports Partnerships should be given the role to deliver physical activity remedies for community health improvements.

(Poll closed 13/12/14)

  • Agree [60%]
  • Disagree [40%]

the Future of Local Government Sport and Leisure Provision

Can the sports and leisure sector remodel itself in order to reduce its reliance on public subsidy by maximising effciency through providing what consumers want?

(Poll closed 6/12/14)

  • Yes [42.9%]
  • No [28.6%]
  • Maybe [28.6%]
  • Not sure [0%]

Basketball Funding

Seeing Great Britain compete in sports like Basketball at The Olympics is essential for their growth at grassroots

(Poll closed 1/12/14)

  • Agree [85.7%]
  • Disagree [14.3%]

School Sport

Do the recent changes to PE in schools need time to bed in?

(Poll closed 21/11/14)

  • Yes [60%]
  • No [40%]
  • Not sure [0%]

Who Should Teach PE in Schools?

(Poll closed 3/11/14)

  • Teachers [0%]
  • Specialist PE teachers [83.3%]
  • Private coaches [16.7%]
  • A mixture of the above [0%]

Women and Sport

Will increasing the coverage of women's sport in the media inspire more women to take up sport?

(Poll closed 27/10/14)

  • Yes [91.7%]
  • No [8.3%]

Sport and the 2015 General Election

Will sport be a priority for voters for the 2015 General Election campaign?

(Poll closed 20/10/14)

  • Yes [5%]
  • No [75%]
  • Maybe [15%]
  • Unsure [5%]

Sport and The Scottish Referendum

If Scotland votes Yes for independence, should the UK fund Scottish athletes?

(Poll closed 29/9/14)

  • Yes [7.7%]
  • No [92.3%]

Sport and soft power

Should the government support a new 'decade of sport' in 2020?

(Poll closed 15/9/14)

  • Yes [40%]
  • No [30%]
  • Maybe, but I would need convincing [30%]

Alan Bairner - The Swedish Sport Model

What Swedish Sport policies and values could the UK most benefit from emulating?

(Poll closed 29/8/14)

  • Greater reliance on voluntary organizations rather than primary and secondary schools to deliver youth sport provision [0%]
  • Childhood emphasis on playfulness, all-round training and practising a broad range of activities through multi-sports clubs [50%]
  • Greater focus on grass-roots and community sport as opposed to elite sport [16.7%]
  • All of the above [33.3%]
  • None, Swedish sport is for Sweden and policies cannot simply be transplanted to the UK [0%]

Clive Efford Interview

Does 'More Sport For All' set out a robust vision for community sport for a potential Labour Government in 2015?

(Poll closed 15/8/14)

  • Yes – I would vote for it [0%]
  • No – I wouldn't vote for it [20%]
  • Maybe – but it needs further consultation [30%]
  • We need a massive shift in thinking to make community sport successful [50%]

Sam Parton – Where is the Unity in Grass-roots Sport? Part 2

Which of the 5 issues that Sam Parton discusses in his blog should policy-makers prioritise as a matter of urgency?

(Poll closed 25/7/14)

  • Sports bodies are not focusing enough on grass-roots [28.6%]
  • There are not enough floodlit synthetic pitches [0%]
  • Prices are too high and there is no transparency [28.6%]
  • Local residents prevent sports planning applications [0%]
  • Not enough support for community groups taking over sports facilities [28.6%]
  • All of the above [14.3%]

Sam Parton – Where is the Unity in Grass-roots Sport? Part 1

Which of the 5 issues that Sam Parton discusses in his blog should policy-makers prioritise as a matter of urgency?

(Poll closed 18/7/14)

  • The lack of innovation and forward thinking at grass-roots level [42.9%]
  • The disjointed sports provision within local authorities [14.3%]
  • The large gap between the public and private sectors [0%]
  • The barriers for SMEs to innovate in the grass-roots sector [0%]
  • The lack of incentives for schools and community lettings [28.6%]
  • All of the above [14.3%]

Paul Cooper - National Children's Football Week

Should the government intervene to ensure the FA is reformed?

(Poll closed 11/7/14)

  • Yes [73.3%]
  • No [13.3%]
  • Don't know [0%]
  • It's broken let's start again [13/3%]

Match Fixing Allegations

Do we need a specific offense of match-fixing?

(Poll closed 27/6/14)

  • Yes [69.2%]
  • No [7.7%]
  • Existing Legislation is enough [7.7%]
  • Not sure [15.4%]