What we do...

The Sports Think Tank is an independent think tank dedicated to thorough and insightful thinking around sporting policy in the UK.

Established in 2011 and based in London and Loughborough, the Sports Think Tank aims to create a vibrant sports, physical activity and recreation sector debate that challenges and creates new solutions based on practical knowledge and evidence. In pushing the boundaries of sports policy the Sports Think Tank will help the sector to meet the rapidly changing demands placed on it for the benefit of society, whether as consumers or as participants and develop a relevant sector for the future. By challenging current thinking we can create a dynamic sports policy environment for sport and physical activity to flourish across the UK.

We operate independently from any one interest group or donor influence. We are self-governing and do not receive government funding.

The wider sports, physical activity and recreation sector landscape is vast and reaches into many different sectors. We create forums that bring together academics, sector leaders and organisations, consumers, commentators, thought leaders, sponsors and right holders, broadcasters and journalists, and policy makers to provide a unique perspective on issues in the sector, helping it to grow, innovate and mature. In creating a unique blend of debate, research and influence the Sports Think Tank is:

Why we are different:

For the most part, advocacy groups serve corporate interests for a specific industry through lobbying.

Think tanks, on the other hand, usually self-identify as non-partisan organisations and have a primary focus on public giving and pursuing policies that promote the greater good, not just specific parts of the sector - or producer interests.

  • Enhancing an independent non-political space to challenge the status quo as well as scanning and exploring new ideas, technology and innovation and predicting future trends.
  • Bringing academic research into policy making in a way that is digestible and useful, as well as helping to shape meaningful and timely future research.
  • Bringing the sector together to better influence central and local government priorities and policy making with a balanced, evidence-based and long-term view.
  • Promoting evidence based and innovative policy-making and best practice.
  • Building on previous research and thinking, whilst keeping policy makers accountable to their current strategies.

We do this by:

  • Communicating important sector news, research and events, and relevant government and parliamentary activity.
  • Updating our Library of sector research, reports, policy documents and strategies.
  • Publishing regular Blogs offering different viewpoints and opinions and highlighting new research.
  • Hosting Roundtables to explore and debate key sector issues with a range of stakeholders.
  • Publishing short Insight or Discussion Papers on a range of single issues.
  • Undertaking Research Reports on key issues within the sector.