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Comparing Sporting Nations: Theory and Method

Posted: Fri, 12 Mar 2021 13:52

Comparing Sporting Nations: Theory and Method

Why are some countries more successful at international sporting competition than others? Why does the United States win more gold medals at the Olympic and Paralympic Games compared to Italy? Which countries have the highest levels of participation in sport? Why are there higher levels of participation in sport and physical activity in Sweden compared to the United Kingdom? These questions have one thing in common – they are comparative.

Dr Mathew Dowling (Anglia Ruskin University) and Spencer Harris' (University of Colorado) new book provides a comprehensive overview of the theory and method of how to make inter-country comparisons in sport. In particular, the authors draw upon examples and case-studies from the elite sport policy and management domain to explicate the philosophical, methodological, and practical challenges of comparative analysis in sport.

The ultimate intention of the book is to help generate further consideration of, and sensitivity towards, the theory and method of comparative analysis as it applies to the context of sport and help students navigate the challenging and the seemingly impossible task of how to compare the similarities and differences between countries.

The book is essential reading for any advanced undergraduate or postgraduate students studying sports or sport-related degrees and is a useful companion for researchers seeking to make comparisons between sporting nations.

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