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"A sports think tank would be a great legacy from the 2012 games, enabling future generations to benefit from long term, well researched, and evidence-based sports policy making in the UK" Seb Coe

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Monthly Roundtables Series with London Sport and Loughborough London

We are delighted to announce plans for a series of 'roundtables' on topical sports policy issues over the next year thanks to our new partnership with Loughborough London and London Sport.

We are always interested in ideas for the roundtables and symposium so please be in touch if you are interested in working with us on an idea or helping sponsor an event.

We look forward to hearing from you. We exist to help the sector, grow, learn and improve.

Sports participation: Social capital
or Sporting capital?

In our partnership with the Sport and Recreation Alliance and UKSDN we are creating space for healthy debate to take place on some key issues of our time. We have called this series 'Conversations with Purpose' and below you can find links to the individual events, summaries and links. We are encouraging people to participate 'online' in the debate if you haven't managed to attend in person!

Nick Rowe said:

For over 40 years public policy in the UK has sought to influence and increase participation rates in sport while reducing the social and economic inequities associated with participation. The levels of investment have been substantial - in the billions rather than millions of pounds. Yet even the most optimistic observer would have to conclude that the results – when viewed in aggregate at least - have been disappointing.

The 2015 Election: What are the sport manifesto priorities?

Roundtable, November 2014

As part of The Sports Think Tank's wider, ongoing research into the views of those in the sport sector on what the political parties should put in their election manifestos for next May, a roundtable discussion was held to debate some of the key issues. Taking part in an expansive debate were representatives from NGBs, the commercial and third sectors, alongside prominent sports academics. Among the main points of the discussion were the changing roles of the DCMS and Sport England; the future of sports and leisure provision from local government; and the complex and fragmented nature of the sports sector itself. Further details are recorded in a short report linked below.

The Future of 'Small' Sports: How will broadcasting technology affect their ability to generate fans, funding and finances?

Roundtable, October 2013

Demand for sports content has never been higher but it is not spread equally, making the commercial success more elusive for some. The Sports Think Tank sponsored by British Eurosport, asked an elite group of sports organisations to say how they saw broadcast technology affecting their futures.

Kevin Jefferys, 'Sport and Politics in Modern Britain: the Road to 2012'

Roundtable, 23 July 2012

History & Policy and The Sports Think Tank present: "Sport and Politics in Modern Britain: the Road to 2012", by Kevin Jefferys. As London prepares to host its first Olympic Games since the famous 'austerity Olympics' of 1948, the contrasts between the two events could not be greater. In 1948, there was no 'government sport policy' and no Minister for Sport. There was little state support either for the Olympic bid or for the cost of running the Games.

The Future Funding of Sport

Roundtable, 23 May 2012

Prior to the 2012 Olympics, The Sports Think Tank welcomed a number of high profile figures, from a wide variety of sectors within the sporting world, to debate the funding of British sport, recreation and physical activity and what it might look like in the future. We asked our guests a number of policy questions:

  • What will the funding envelope look like for sport, recreation and physical activity post- 2012 until 2020?
  • Who will be the main funders and can we map the various sources - government (central and local), exchequer and lottery, commercial, CSR, sponsorship, charitable - and where there will be growth/contraction?
  • What will the public and private sectors want from sport? What will sport be expected to deliver for funding? Are these compatible or contradictory and what compromises will be need to be made?
  • What innovation in the financial area would help? What is the role in the public & private sectors in doing this?

The following individuals were welcomed from the world of academia, sport, and the third, private and public sectors:

Dr. Neil King: senior researcher and published author in the field of sport, recreation and physical activity.
Richard Callaway: Sports Marketing Director for Nike in the UK and Ireland.
Holly Marshall: Major Sporting Events Business Manager at Telefonica Europe (O2).
Colin Grannell: Executive Vice-President at Visa Europe, responsible for sponsorship at major sporting events.
Roger Draper: CEO of the Lawn Tennis Association.
Andy Reed: Chair of the Sport and Recreation Alliance.
Barry Horne: CEO of the English Federation of Disability Sport.
Paul Thorogood: CEO of the Football Foundation.
Mike de Giorgio: Co-Founder of Greenhouse.
Jo Stocks: Director at Sported.
Aleila Al Kazwini: Senior Policy Advisor at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.
Simon Cooper: Head of Sport at the Greater London Authority.

Give us our ball back: reclaiming sport for the common good

Publication Launch, 25th June 2012

The Sports Think Tank and Theos marked the launch of their jointly published report which assesses the changing face of sport in modern society.

Sports Think Tank Launch

Press Release, 30 January 2012

A press release from when Sports Think Tank was established in January 2012. The document includes quotes from founders Andy Reed and Nick King, as well as a blog from our patron, Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson