Repair or Renewal? Asks Martyn Allison

Posted: Wed, 08 Apr 2020 11:15

Repair or Renewal? Asks Martyn Allison

We are now well into our lockdown and it is clear that most people across the sector
are responding positively to the new challenges. The call for financial support for the
sector has been heeded although financial cash flow problems remain serious and
I'm sure some in the sector have or will lose their jobs and livelihoods over coming
weeks. Sport England and the Arts Council have responded with packages of
support to keep the sector afloat and many leisure-based organisations have
redirected their staff to support other public services and community activity. We
have all been really motivated by the governments focus on physical activity and see
this as real hope for the future as we want the sector be valued differently when this
is all over? We know the sector can be really good in these situations and is once
again rising to the challenge. More importantly however I am really encouraged by
how many are now starting to think about the future and how we exit from the
situation we will find ourselves in.

By Martyn Allison

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