Insight Led Sport Recovery with Damian Stevenson

Posted: Thu, 17 Dec 2020 17:39

Insight Led Sport Recovery with Damian Stevenson

Welcome to the first of our series of Live Interviews with key leaders in their field across the sport and physical activity sector.

Today we are delighted to welcome Damian Stevenson from DS Insight to talk about how the sector can recover being insight led.

Insight has become increasingly important over the last decade for decision making and understanding who we are trying to reach, why and how.

Damian Stevenson joined ASA ((now Swim England) from the private sector to help the NGB understand its consumers and potential customers. He has helped the sector better understand this important area of work.

We asked Damian about his roles and the new venture he has set up DS INsight, and asked him to give sneak preview of some of the projects he is leading on.

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