Sport England launches consultation today

Posted: Thu, 25 Sep 2014 16:14

Sport England launches consultation today

Sport England today released a consultation on the future of coaching with Sports Coach UK to support the continuing development of the first 'Coaching Plan for England'. It is hoped that the survey as will help shape future policy and investment. Feedback from this survey is to be used to shape further discussions with sector partners at 'consultation roadshows' in October 2014.

The Coaching Plan will act as a reference point to guide regional and local coaching development and to inform the strategic direction of, and investment in coaching in England. It will capture coaching's contribution to participation and talent outcomes; current activities & investment and the challenges faced and associated solutions.

The delivery plan, currently in development, references key timescales and milestones for delivery from 2015/16. Ultimately the plan, will require delivery over a much broader timescale, and therefore identifies targets for achievement against key measures for 2016/17 and a 2020 vision.

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