The F Word Conference Call to Action

Posted: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 12:21

The F Word Conference Call to Action

Following a successful first #TheFWord conference held at City Hall London by Sports Think Tank and Upshot the new website was formally launched yesterday.

The F Word - learning from failure event was held as a response to the Matthew Syed book Black Box Thinking and the Street League work on improving transparency and honesty in reporting success and failure in their work.

"The conference is only the start of the journey" said Andy Reed from the Sports Think Tank. "We are on a journey to change the culture of the sector to embrace the learning rom failure mantra as well as provide some practical tools for the sector to do this systematically"

Details of future events will start to appear on our joint website but we want people to help each other by sharing stories of learned failure. Our work is with both projects and organisations who want to innovate by taking risks to try new things and funders who need to share this vision. We were delighted yesterday to have funders in the room sharing our vision. if we can create a safe space for the F Word to resonate and become the norm we will have done our job.

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