Ukactive proposes four-stage strategy for the reopening of physical activity sector

Posted: Thu, 23 Apr 2020 12:29

Ukactive proposes four-stage strategy for the reopening of physical activity sector

Industry body ukactive has published its proposals for the reopening of the UK's physical activity sector, once the government begins to ease the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

The four-stage strategy has been designed to map out a way for a safe return to business for the thousands of sport and physical activity facilities, which closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak since 20 March.

Published today (23 April), the four key stages of the plan are:

1. Research on business modelling

Stage one of the strategy will use new research, currently being undertaken by ukactive and DataHub, to provide business modelling which ensures that decisions by operators are informed by the latest intelligence and provide financial viability to reopen safely.

2. Framework for operators

Stage two will provide a clear framework for fitness and leisure operators to guide their operational plans for reopening. The framework is currently under review by public health experts and ukactive's councils and forums, which represent operators of all types and sizes across the physical activity sector.

3. Public information campaign

Stage three will see a public information campaign which includes the dissemination of guidelines to operators and provides them with assets to engage and reassure their customers, while inspiring the public to step back into gyms and leisure centres.

4. Policy support

Stage four will be driven by the continued policy support of ukactive in its conversations with the Government, ensuring that policy decisions deliver what is needed to support the sector through additional or extended financial measures, and regulatory and taxation changes, once the sector is allowed to reopen.

Commenting on the strategy, Huw Edwards, CEO of ukactive, said: "Today, we set out a four-stage strategy that will ensure a coordinated and consistent approach to the reopening of gyms, leisure centres, outdoor fitness and other facilities, based on putting the safety of customers and staff first.

"Our message to the Government is that our sector will show it is ready to reopen when called upon."

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