The story of doing it differently

Posted: Thu, 18 Feb 2021 11:30

The story of doing it differently

When we began our journey with the local delivery pilots, we didn't know what the answers would be but what we were sure of was that local people held the keys to unlocking long-lasting, positive change in their communities.

We still don't have all the answers about how to use a systemic approach to tackling inactivity. But we've learned a huge amount about the conditions, principles and practical considerations needed to influence positive change at every level of the systems we live in.

We've learnt that 'how' the work is done is what unlocks progress.

Our newly published LDP story will take you on our journey over the four years to 2021, and the challenges and milestones of implementing a new place-based way of working across 12 local communities.

It'll show you why we thought this approach was so important, the amazing people that've helped us every step of the way and where we think this journey will take us next.

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