Disabled access: Third of disabled sports fans feel unable to attend live events

Posted: Wed, 18 Aug 2021 13:03

Disabled access: Third of disabled sports fans feel unable to attend live events

Almost a third of disabled supporters feel unable to attend certain sports or sporting venues because of poor access, says a survey by Level Playing Field.

The charity campaigns for equal access for disabled fans in England and Wales.

The survey asked about fans' matchday experience at live sport events.

"There is clearly much that still needs to be done to ensure disabled fans have an equal matchday experience to non-disabled fans," said Level Playing Field's chair Tony Taylor.

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The largest survey in the charity's 22-year history was available between 20 May and 20 June, and had 1,408 responses.

Other key findings:

  • While 32% saw 'physical access' as a barrier to attending live sport, 25% selected 'anxiety or lack of confidence'
  • Following lengthy restrictions due to the pandemic, 73% would want to attend a match 'right away' once permitted
  • 62% said hand-sanitising stations would need to be in place for them to return, with 45% saying hand-washing facilities and 43% mask wearing (bar exemptions)

The survey is a first of its kind and had a focus on club-specific feedback.

"It is our hope and expectation that their responses will serve to bring about improvements to services and facilities as clubs see their feedback and comments," Taylor added.

"Level Playing Field will continue to promote full access and inclusion for disabled fans, and we expect that will be reflected in the results of our future fan surveys."

From BBC Sport.

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