See Sport Differently tackles reasons why sport isn't accessible

Posted: Fri, 02 Jun 2023 09:00

See Sport Differently tackles reasons why sport isn't accessible

In a series of emotive videos, the 'See Sport Differently' campaign shares the real stories of blind and partially sighted people who have overcome the many hurdles that often prevent them from getting involved in sport and physical activity.

RNIB and British Blind Sport have created an accessible online hub to provide information and guidance on accessible sports and activities and how blind and partially sighted people can get involved. This portal includes an interactive quiz where people can find out what sports and activities best suit them.

The campaign also sets out the barriers faced by people with sight loss and celebrates their journey to get involved and stay active by taking part in swimming, martial arts, and adapted team sports such as Goalball.

The campaign, funded by Sport England and National Lottery, seeks to address findings that over half of the blind and partially sighted population are inactive (do less than 30 minutes of physically activity a week).

This participation campaign forms part of the See Sport Differently programme. A three-year initiative run by RNIB in partnership with BBS that aims to tackle the biggest barriers for blind and partially sighted people within sport and activity and motivate more people with sight loss to get moving by highlighting the benefits of physical activity. The campaign also aims to demonstrate that sight loss doesn't need to be a barrier, and anyone can start their journey to getting active.

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