UK coaching week officially begins!

Posted: Mon, 05 Jun 2023 17:00

UK coaching week officially begins!

This year's theme reflects the importance of coaches putting people – their safety, well-being and welfare – at the centre of their coaching practice and learning how to better care for their participants, as well as themselves.

The critical role of safeguarding has been brought into laser focus by the publication of The Whyte Review and its recommendations to better protect participants. This has further galvanised our commitment to creating safer environments for all.

The 'care system' in sport and physical activity should protect everyone equally. That includes participants, coaches and everyone else involved in sport and physical activity, from officials and administrators to wider support staff like nutritionists, physios and strength and conditioning specialists.

However, it is important to recognise that Duty to Care goes beyond safeguarding.

Duty to Care also has an integral role to play in improving people's mental health and well-being and can be a key tool for solving deep-rooted social issues. Learning more about the principles of Duty to Care will equip coaches with ideas and strategies for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion at and beyond their sessions.

This year's theme, 'Duty to Care: The Foundation of Great Coaching', reflects the importance of coaches providing the appropriate support and care and delivering the best environment for participants to feel safe and supported and to thrive.

By embracing their Duty to Care, coaches can help ensure that the people they coach enjoy a great experience that encourages lifelong participation.

It is for all these reasons that we have decided to give a fresh new face to our Duty to Care Hub and Digital Badge.

The upgrade will better ensure that coaches have the up-to-date resources and support they need to fulfil this absolute duty.

Officially launched on Monday to kick off UK Coaching Week 2023, the refreshed Hub spotlights the importance of coaches having a detailed knowledge and understanding of the six pillars that are fundamental to delivering great coaching experiences. These include diversity, inclusion, mental health and well-being, physical well-being, safeguarding and safe to practice.

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