How physical activity can benefit your child's learning and well-being at school

Posted: Thu, 03 Aug 2023 17:00

How physical activity can benefit your child's learning and well-being at school

For some time now, the relationship between physical activity, leisure and academic achievement has been rather complex with low levels of association.

Although it's fairly obvious that physical activity in general (i.e. going to the gym, running, playing football and safe swimming) can boost mental health as well as keep us in good physical shape.

Prior studies have discovered that school-based physical activity, particularly with physical education, can significantly improve a child's classroom performance. Despite this, there have been very few studies that have actively examined the association.

Regarding physical activity and school well-being, most of the previous evidence established by past studies is focused solely on university students.

In the Finnish study, which featured over 34,000 adolescents, researchers observed that active school transport was associated with greater odds of high academic performance, whilst improving the learning and general well-being of a child.

This association proved to be even stronger for leisure-time physical activities ranging from moderate to vigorous. Additionally, and similar to previous studies, the relationship between leisure-time physical activity and improved mathematical skills also stood out.

To read more about the findings of the studies and what this means for your child's academic potential if they engage in physical activity, follow the link below:

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