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The Future for School Sport and PE

Posted: Sun, 11 Sep 2016 17:44

The Future for School Sport and PE

As the nation continues to reflect on the success of Team GB in the Olympics and the Paralympics attention is returning to School Sport and PE as we head into the new term. The news over the summer in the long awaited Obesity strategy that schools would play a crucial role in delivering greater levels of Physical Activity were certainly welcomed.

The Think Tank was present at the School Games in Loughborough and we last week attended the #Makingstrides conference looking at the examples of new initiatives - The School Mile and others - in getting all kids active in Primary schools. The Obesity strategy and answers in Parliamentary Questions have made it clear that the Sugar Levy will deliver another £160m of funding to go into Primary schools as an addition to the £160m already being spent. Surely nobody can argue with that welcome investment can they?

But as we sit across a number of Government Reviews this summer it has become clear that despite these efforts School sport, PE, Physical literacy and physical activity remains fragmented, uncoordinated and inconsistent. As far as schools are concerned they are clear the government does not see this as a measured priority for their work in helping create healthy and educated children for the future.

Over this next year we are going to focus plenty of our attention to the delivery of school sport as a policy issue. Alongside the continued affects of austerity on local provision of sport and leisure this remains a major policy priority. For many organisations closely attached to government it is difficult to speak up as funding is at stake. But here at the Sports Think Tank we aim to be open and fair about the debate that needs to take place. We welcome the increased investment being promised - but like many in the sector we don't want it to be wasted being poured into a system that is clearly not working at present.

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