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Why do We Fund Some Only Some Elite Sport?

Posted: Thu, 23 Feb 2017 16:47

Why do We Fund Some Only Some Elite Sport?

It has been no surprise that following the rejection by UK Sport of the appeals made by 7 sports over their funding bids for Tokyo 2020 the focus has been on the so-called No Compromise system and its implications. We have covered this ongoing debate at the Think Tanks for a number of years but this week has caused more reaction than at any other time.

So we want to gauge from you what you make of this No Compromise approach? It is the task UK sport have been given by government - to use their limited resources to deliver as many medals as possible at the Olympic and Paralympic games (Summer and Winter!)

And in a poll this week

Only four per cent of people also said they would prefer Great Britain to focus on winning gold medals at Tokyo 2020 ahead of investing in grassroots programmes and facilities.

This decision and the poll finding do suggest we need to debate again why we are funding sport at the elite level. If the Public are less engaged in the Olympics than we think then the rationale for putting elite sport ahead of grass roots or concentrating on a narrow band of sports we can win medals is up for public debate again!

Here are some the articles which set out the various cases.. but we would love to know what our Think Tank community feel about this issue.

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