Basketball - Time for an Independent Review to Step in?

Posted: Sun, 08 Jul 2018 19:11

Basketball - Time for an Independent Review to Step in?

Once again basketball has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons - Public arguments and disagreements amongst the various parts of the sport.

Anybody from outside the sport will be confused by the claims and counter claims from the various bodies. There appears to be a million miles between the statements released by England basketball on behalf of the Home Country Associations and the mass resignation of the Board of the British Basketball Federation.

It appears that claims and counter claims are impossible to decipher and who is to 'blame' for the breakdown that has led to a situation where the HCA called an EGM with an hours notice.

What the sport needs is a calm independent review of the best way forward for the sport and perhaps for many of those too closely associated with this debacle to consider their positions and leave the sport for a fresh generation of people to run, who both love the sport but have the best interests of ALL levels of the game to succeed. The whole episode reflects badly on sport as a whole, on the new sports governance code and the silence of many of the key stakeholders. We need to hear what steps are being taken to protect public investment.

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