A New Prime Minister

Posted: Sat, 25 May 2019 11:03

A New Prime Minister

I am guessing the views of potential Tory leadership contenders about sport will not be the deciding factor on who becomes our Prime Minister in the next few weeks, but what does it al mean for the sector?

What we do know is that the individual views of PMs and Ministers can have can have a massive impact on policy and where they see sport from their own experiences.

Clearly the big issues of the day will dominate the hustings and the final say will come down to the views of the 120,000 Tory party activists. I am pretty certain from our brief contribution to the ConservativeHome website that many party members don't even think there should be a Sports Minister.

So over the coming weeks we will start to look at each of the candidates in a little more detail and what they have said and done about Sport and Physical Activity.

For some of the candidates there is at least some record of their actions from posts they have held. We know Johnson and his record as London Mayor and we saw how much Hunt too an interest in the Olympics and Sport in his time at DCMS. Matt Hancock wasn't at DCMS long enough to have an impact but he has talked a good game at Health on prevention. We know Gove is 'infamous' for the cuts to the School Sports Partnerships which defined his time in Education for many across the sector.

Many of the others are unknown quantities but we will try to make sense of them all when we know for certain how many of the potential candidates are actually going to run.

This is where our readers and supporters can help. Do you know anything sporty about any of the candidates for the next Prime Minister? We will share our thinking and may even get to ask the candidates their views on your behalf! Watch this space.


Andy Reed - Director of Saje Impact and Founder of the Sports Think Tank. Former MP for Loughborough, DCMS and Treasury Ministerial teams 1997-2010. Sports Policy advisor 1997-2016

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