Posted: Tue, 21 Jul 2020 09:31


This week we are launching our new series - reset sport .#resetsport

The coronavirus has shone a spotlight on the unsustainable nature of many aspects of our current thinking in and around the sports and physical activity sector , from finance to bullying and doping allegations. We know that sport and physical activity haven't really been successful at tackling the deep inequalities in society and that both from the top and the bottom of sport the finances of many clubs are unsustainable for the long term.

Given we have already argued that we shouldn't return To the old normal and many of our followers seem to agree we now move on to finding solutions to reset our sports and for the physical activity sector to build back better.

Join the conversation By highlighting the parts of the sector that do you think need resetting and telling us what you would do to build back better. Let's reset sports and physical activity in a way that we are all proud of So that we can genuinely make the best use of the power of sport as a social good.

How can Sport and physical activity be part of the solution to our long term problems and what do we need to be candid about that we are not getting right at the moment? We have an opportunity to reset. Let's use it.

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