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About This Report:

Sport 2030 provides a roadmap for future success for sport in this country.
Sport Australia will lead its implementation, to create an even better and more successful national sports sector. If we get it right we know that in 2030 sport will continue to be a key point of national pride, our Olympic and Paralympic teams and national sporting teams will continue to achieve podium success and our athletes and their journeys will be a source of inspiration for the next generations.
Our goal is for Australia to be the most active sporting nation. A healthy and successful sporting nation, known for our integrity, vibrant participation base, thriving sports organisations and world-leading sports industry, as well as our elite competitive results.
Sport 2030 will be supported in the months ahead by the release of more detailed Sport Australia strategies.
In many ways, this is a continuation of the path Sport Australia has been on for a number of years. We have driven change processes for sports to modernise their governance and to embrace the digital economy and innovation.
We've driven better opportunities for women in sport both on and off the field and ensured that para-sport and our Paralympians have taken their rightful place in Australian sport. Through our Sporting Schools program we've provided better opportunities for schoolchildren to experience a wide range of sports and join a local sporting club or group.
Sport Australia will change too, with less emphasis on service delivery that can be done effectively by others and more on system leadership and innovation. The skills required for success are changing, and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) is committed to staying ahead of this hyper-competitive game while retaining its unqualified commitment to ethical sport.
We'll look to create new partnerships between Australian sports for the common good of the sector, creating a culture of collaboration, not just competition.
Sport 2030 brings together the knowledge and insight of many people from across the sporting sector who provided submissions, attended feedback sessions and contributed ideas. We thank them for their input.
We also thank the Australian Government for its foresight in wanting a national sport plan, and the significant financial support it continues to offer the sector each year. Without this Australian sport would be a shadow of the success story it is today.
It's said that luck is where preparedness meets opportunity.
There is no doubting the opportunity for Australia. This plan and its implementation will give us that preparedness and a strong basis for long term success.