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About This Report:

It is understood that those in lower income households have acutely felt the impact of the
pandemic and lockdown both economically and in terms of mental and physical wellbeing.
During April and May 2020, some 270 community organization that are based in the
most deprived areas of England and Wales, and 188 young people who live in those
neighbourhoods, shared their experiences, worries and opinions about life during and after
the Covid lockdown. These community organizations are trusted in their neighbourhoods
and work with StreetGames to support young disadvantaged people to adopt a healthy and
active lifestyle. StreetGames calls them 'Locally Trusted Organisations' (LTOs).
In many instances LTOs have become the first port of call for families who are struggling
to cope with the crisis, and this has placed additional burdens on LTOs' time and resources.
Despite this, they are doing everything in their power to support young people and their
families through lockdown, adapting their provision and expanding their remit to support
whole families and older people rather than just children and youth.