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About This Report:

Youth Sport Trust is a children's charity that works to ensure that every child enjoys the life-changing benefits that come from play and sport. We do this by harnessing the power of sport, physical activity and PE to increase young people's life chances through improved wellbeing, healthier lifestyles and greater attainment. Our work reaches around 20,000 schools acrossthe UK and we operate on a local, national and global level to build a brighter future for young people. This paper summarises key evidence relating to the impact of Covid-19 on children and young people. With an ever-changing landscape, limited ability to hear directly from children and with a narrow window for data capture, this document is "of the moment", condensing the latest quantitative evidence from a range of external sources. Additionally, it references qualitative and low-sample research, aiming to build a rounded picture. The paper covers the following themes:Young people's mental health & concerns, Physical activity during lockdown, The challenges of home learning, What's helped during lockdown, Returning to school, Positives from the COVID experience and Potential future trends.