Think Tank Urges Co-ordinated Campaign on School Sport

Posted: Mon, 06 Aug 2012 09:43

The Sports Think Tank has called for a co-ordinated campaign for School Sport as the Olympics aims to Inspire a Generation.

The increased attention on sport during the Olympics has increasingly highlighted the Cuts to school sport & PE when SoS Gove cut £165m from the System in 2010. The stop gap funding ends this year. The Think Tank is currently working on creating an evidence based model for school sport and aims to create a political and policy making consensus.

Director of the Sports Think Tank Andy Reed said "Of course we are delighted by the increased interest in school sport policy. There are numerous existing players in the sports and PE landscape who all have a great deal of expertise and interest. The increased interest often leads to people rushing into the space without seeing what is already happening and creating new campaigns and initiatives with increased layers of complexity. We would urge everybody interested in school sport policy to unite is some form of coalition. We stand ready at the sportsthinktank to help coordinate the policy work needed to give an evidence base to this work.

"We urge anybody interested in school sport policy to be in touch as we coordinate this policy work. We will be supporting others and any coalition that emerges to create a genuine lasting school sport legacy from these games"

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