TSB and Sported launch community sports programme

Posted: Wed, 18 Jul 2018 12:22

TSB and Sported launch community sports programme

The TSB Young Leaders programme will see people aged between 18 and 24 years old benefit from training and development opportunities, aimed at supporting them in their roles as young leaders at their respective groups.

Using sport as the vehicle to deliver the training, the partnership will work with a wide range of local community groups in all sectors across the UK

"Without the hard-work and passion of coaches, youth workers and volunteers, community groups simply wouldn't exist," said Chris Grant, Sported CEO.

"By supporting and nurturing the next generation of leaders, we can help protect these groups' futures and ensure local communities can continue to benefit from their amazing work for many years to come."

The launch of the programme comes after a report by Sported and TSB earlier this year found that community sports leaders continue to face a shortage of funding and support.

A quarter of people in the UK have seen their local group close down, with more than half (54 per cent) facing the fear of closure if they cannot find professional support or funding.

Almost three quarters (71 per cent) of sports club members said the leaders of their group are volunteers working in their spare time and 61 per cent are concerned about the lack of volunteers.

The TSB Young Leaders programme opened at a special event at Old Trafford, where the first cohort of TSB Young Leaders came together to co-create the programme's content, receive training on leadership and profile building, and hear from double Olympic medallist, Lutalo Muhammad, about his journey to the top.

"The TSB Young Leaders programme will use sport to make a positive difference to children and young people and the communities they're a part of," added Nigel Gilbert, chief marketing officer at TSB.

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