Why boosting physical activity is key to speeding up London's pandemic recovery

Posted: Tue, 21 Sep 2021 11:18

Why boosting physical activity is key to speeding up London's pandemic recovery

In this guest column, Professor Kevin Fenton, London regional director at Public Health England, calls on businesses to prioritise employee health ahead of London Sport's Active London conference this week.

As we emerge from Covid-19 and set out to repair its impact globally, the success of London's post-pandemic recovery will ultimately depend on the physical and mental health of our population.

With more Londoners mixing where and when they want to work, protecting their wellbeing will be paramount to our collective prosperity. One of the major areas of concern, however, is the issue of inequality across our city's boroughs, including the impact Covid-19 has had on key workers and particularly in ethnic minority communities, who are disproportionately represented on the frontline.

As a result, inequalities around the health of Londoners have defined every aspect of our journey throughout the pandemic. We've known about those inequalities right from the beginning and, as those inequalities have been exacerbated by Covid, it is in those communities worse off where we are seeing less trust in the vaccine rollout.

This is a serious concern. As we aim to bridge London's apparent socio-economic divide, one of the best ways to nurture equality is to promote healthier living wholesale and it is an approach we must also adopt when promoting and communicating the importance of physical activity and local sport throughout the city.

From City AM.

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