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Sport and the EU

Posted: Mon, 22 Feb 2016 12:03

Sport and the EU

As the EU Referendum campaign formally kicks off in the UK today we will be looking at the issue from a sport perspective over the coming few weeks. Today we kick off with our first blog from one of our guest bloggers outlining some of the potential issues that may arise, but as always we need to hear from you.

Have you been involved in a European project, has European regulation or law impacted on your sport or activity. We want to know a wide range of views and need your input to the debate. Because we are a cross party neutral organisation we are sure our contributors will cover all spectrum of opinion.

"I'm confident that the EU impact on sport will not be a defining issue in the referendum debate but hopefully at the Think Tank, because of our independent status, we can at least start to set out the implications of leaving or remaining. We would welcome input from academics, lawyers and others interested in European sport matters. In recent years the EU has started to take an increasing interest in sport and physical activity and a number of a initiatives have been created. Our NGBs work at a European level as do many sports bodies of course. Issues like the freedom of movement have had big implications on football of course."

"We will keep this debate lively and informative right up to polling day on the 23rd June"

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