Lockdown 3 Will be the toughest

Posted: Tue, 05 Jan 2021 12:03

Lockdown 3 Will be the toughest

Boris Johnson announced another period of national lockdown from No10 yesterday - 4th Janaury 2021.

For those who hoped 2021 would be brighter than 2020 hopes were rapidly dashed as it became claer the NHS would be overwehlemed within days if drastic action wasn't taken.

Of course this will be another blow to the hundreds of throusands employed in the sport and physical activity sector businesses as well participants wanting to play sport of stay healthy. There will be a massive emotional reponse and calls for 'essential service' status, and for sport and physical activity to be expempted in some way.

We all know the heath and wellbeing effects of sport, recreation and physical activity. The Lockdown rules once agin emphasise being allowed out once a day for 'exercise'. But at this stage that cleary means on your own or with one other person and not at a recognised sport facility. The full guidelines are here on the Government website.

The debate within the sector is again about how we can 'prove' we are an essential service.

I do fear we have got some of our tone wrong throughout the pandemic. Yes physical activity is good and beneficial we obviously agree. But if we are really honest Covid-19 has highlighted a number of issues that were hidden beneath the surface.

Most of the health service doesn't regard what we promote as physical activity as the way to achieve their goals. Who are we keeping fit.? Who are the ones most at risk throiugh covid? Are they the people we have been honestly serving? We know there are stubborn inequalities in provision so like the rest of society have we been serving the worried well, just as many would argue do most of our public services.

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