New 10-year strategic vision Access Aquatics unveiled by Swim England

Posted: Fri, 19 May 2023 16:40

New 10-year strategic vision Access Aquatics unveiled by Swim England

Swim England has unveiled its strategic vision for the next decade as it aims to champion a healthy and successful nation through swimming.

Access Aquatics sets out the national governing body's key priorities to remove the barriers to participation and ensure its sports and activities are 'accessible, inclusive and safe for everyone'

It recognises the 'chronic challenges' facing the sector which is threatening one of the 'nation's greatest assets' and how it plans to work with partners to tackle inequalities and ensure Access to Aquatics for all.

The strategy focuses Swim England's work up until 2033 under three areas – capability, people and water.

Capability's guiding objectives aims to see a rise in the number of children leaving primary school able to swim and a reduction in the current inequalities in attainment levels, increase the total of Water Wellbeing accredited sites, grow the number of Swim England members and guarantee there is a network of financially-robust clubs with the structure and partnerships in place to support their long-term future.

In addition, capability also focuses on a talent system for all sports which promotes medal success and proactively engages and encourages participants with high potential from diverse backgrounds – and ensure that Swim England's senior national teams become increasingly representative of the community.

The People focus will aim to understand the barriers which prevent diverse communities from taking part in aquatic activity, increase the proportion of under-represented groups in both participation and the workforce as well as ensuring high standards of safeguarding and welfare are embedded across all Swim England's affiliated or associated organisations.

Water's target is to collaborate with partners to campaign and advocate for the provision of enough safe and sustainable facilities and access to open water to support all aquatic activities.

Jane Nickerson, Swim England chief executive, said existing clubs, members, counties, regions, stakeholders and partners would help to bring Access Aquatics to life.

She added: "We are delighted to unveil our new strategy which we believe will help tackle the many different challenges facing our sports over the next 10 years.

"A key element will be removing the barriers to participation as we aim to make aquatic activity even more safe, inclusive and accessible.

"We're at the beginning of our journey but our goal is to drive meaningful change and ensure everyone has access to one of the nation's greatest assets.

Healthier and more successful nation

"Swimming is a life skill which opens up the door to so many possibilities – whether that's as a recreational swimmer wanting to use the pool for their physical or mental health or youngsters aspiring to be an Olympic champion.

"Our great sports can help England be a healthier and more successful nation and it's our mission to ensure Access to Aquatics for all.

"We're confident that with the help of everyone closely involved in aquatics, we can achieve this vision."

The three strategic priorities will be underpinned by four immediate areas of action which will lay the foundations for the successful delivery of Access Aquatics.

This includes implementing Swim England's safeguarding, welfare and culture plan, Heart of Aquatics, developing new partnerships to make its sports and activities more inclusive, upgrading its digital presence and ensuring best practices are followed in it governance systems and processes.

To view Swim England's 10-year strategy, Access Aquatics, please click here.

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