How are barriers to sport affecting participation numbers in young people?

Posted: Wed, 16 Aug 2023 15:00

How are barriers to sport affecting participation numbers in young people?

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Insurance Partner Allianz SE (Allianz) have today announced initial global research findings* that reveal that 72% of young people think playing sport is important. Parents also recognise the benefits of sports participation, with over 90% saying they want their child to play sport to improve their physical and mental health. However, according to the research, young people report being less active due a number of everyday barriers and global issues, such as the cost of living (37%), climate change (30%) and the ongoing COVID-19 impact (34%).

Therefore, this is showing how there is cognitive dissonance between what young people and their parents believe and view as important, compared to how they spend their time. This suggests that due to the global barriers stated above are having large impacts on young people's ability to access sport and can explain the discrepancy between the populations motivation to participate in sports and actual participation numbers.

These findings are important as it marks the first stage in a series of research that underpins the IOC's and Allianz's commitment to strengthening the role of sport in society and to create a healthier environment for young people across the globe. The report will be used to support and inform existing initiatives, including the IOC's Olympism365 strategy and Allianz's MoveNow programme, and will influence wider future policy, strategy and programme development across government, businesses, the not-for-profit sector and the wider Olympic Movement.

To read more in depth about the findings of the report follow the link below to the IOC site and read first hand how they aim to use this information to improve young people's activity levels and experience with sport:

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