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About This Report:

This report sets out how economic development can be used to improve people's health
and reduce health inequalities in the UK. Its lessons are timely and relevant, with the
coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic showing us that people's health and the economy
cannot be viewed independently. Both are necessary foundations of a flourishing and
prosperous society.
Health inequalities are growing in the UK.1 Since 2010, life expectancy improvements have
slowed and people can expect to spend more of their lives in poor health.2 How healthy a
population is depends on more than the health care services available to them – it is shaped
by the social, economic, commercial and environmental conditions in which people live.3
Creating a society where everyone has an opportunity to live a healthy life requires action
across government. While social protection measures – such as income replacement
benefits, pensions, free school meals, social housing – are widely recognised as a core
mechanism for reducing inequalities, the impact of structural inequalities in the economy
itself has generally received less attention. This report contains case studies of economic
development strategies which look beyond narrow financial outcomes as measures of
success, and instead aim to enhance human welfare.