At the Sports Think Tank we are always looking for new, exciting opportunities to conduct research and publish our findings for the wider benefit to the sports sector.

We like to ensure that these come to life through debate and discussion. Here we are offering our early thoughts about issues that need further work and debate. We are looking for partners to help us deliver research in these areas or to work with partners who are already leading on these issues.

Funding for Sport

Fri, 22 Sep 2017 15:53

The future sustainability of sport is being challenged by austerity measures in local communities. Funding from central government and the Lottery at best remain static.

What additional resources could sport attract to deliver opportunities for all?

We want to crowdsource answers from the sector. We exist to help share best practice and innovative thinking. What can we do to create the right environment for cSR, social impact bonds, improving philanthropy, tax reliefs, etc etc. New monies can be made available (eg the Sugar Levy) so it is possible. What would you like to see. This is your discussion series!

Tags: Sport, Funding

Duty of Care and Grassroots Sport

Fri, 22 Sep 2017 15:50

The Duty of Care report from Tanni Grey-Thompson challenges the sports sector to put the welfare of players, athletes, coaches and volunteers at the heart of the sports system.

In this discussion series we ask what this looks like for grassroots sports clubs.