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Welcome to our partnership with David Morley Architects.

One of the key proven investments we need to make to increase levels of physical activity is improving our 'environment' to encourage and allow greater levels of movement. It is one of the key foundations of the new Sport England strategy.

We are delighted to be working with the team at David Morley Architects to create discussion around this important topic. This is a collaboration that needs all of us to join the conversation! We look forward to hearing from you.

Andy Reed

Director - Sports Think Tank

Malham Close, Beaumont Leys, adjacent to Barleycroft School

Welcome to our new Partners David Morley Architects

Posted: Sat, 30 Jan 2021 13:20

Welcome to our new Partners David Morley Architects

We are really excited to announce a new partnership with David Morley Architects this week.

Active Environment is at the heart of the new SE Strategy and we firmly believe that in our desire to work across the eco system all aspects of getting us moving are important to consider as part of the solution.

Andy Reed said "We have designed physical activity out of our lives over the last 40-50 years through our environment. This is a crucial area of work for any strategy that wants to get people moving again and we are excited to work with DMA to keep the conversation going about the challenges and opportunities ahead"

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We would love to share resources and case studies in this valuable policy area.

Sport England have already done some important work in this area

Modern-day life can make us inactive, and about a third of adults in England don't do the recommended amount of weekly exercise, but the design of where we live and work can play a vital role in keeping us active.

We know sport isn't for everyone, but embracing a lifestyle change to be more active can have real benefits including:

Improving physical health
Increasing mental wellbeing
Building stronger communities.
As part of our drive to create an active environment, Active Design wraps together the planning and considerations that should be made when designing the places and spaces we live in. It's about designing and adapting where we live to encourage activity in our everyday lives, making the active choice the easy choice.

Watch our film below and see how you can encourage people to choose the active option by building an infrastructure that creates opportunities for all types of physical activity.